TrafficPharaoh FAQs

What is a traffic exchange?

Traffic exchanges are online services
where web site owners trade traffic.
Other members of TrafficPharaoh will
view your web site when you visit the
sites of other members.


How Do I Receive Hits?

Click 'Surf' on the members area menu
to start viewing sites from other members.
You will earn credits for every site you view.
Your site will receive one hit for each credit
that you assign to your site.

Can I Receive A Refund?


If you purchase an Upgrade/Credits/Banner/Text Impressions, Login Spotlight Ads,

Startpages, Peel Ads, Square Banner Ads. These are all digital products and are added automatically to your account via our IPN purchasing sytem, If you purchase an upgrade and change your mind within 12 hours and have not assigned any of the credits that come with the upgrade, please contact me at with your reason for requesting refund. Please ensure you contact me before going to paypal with a dispute as this may result in the loss of your account.


Any member due commissions, have a min $15 in account and have paypal payment details listed in profile, will receive commissions paid after a minimum of 14 days.

All sites submitted MUST be 75% in English and have no more than 2 popups any more than that is ridiculous to expect a surfing member to deal with, if your url breaks these terms it will be removed from rotation.

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